Based in NYC, JazzTrail is the product of the collaborative work between a compulsive listener with a passion for jazz and a sharp observer whose photography captures the expressiveness of musical moments.


Clara Pereira

At some point in her childhood, Clara Pereira really believed she was an alien. Instead, she became a photographer and graphic designer (with special powers) who couldn’t be more human since her joy comes from earthly things such as coffee, a glass of good red wine, and TV shows.

Check out her photography website: www.clarapereiraphotography.com


Filipe Freitas

Filipe Freitas was an electrical engineer in a previous life. 
Now, completely reborn, he writes about jazz and movies, which is much more electrifying.
He gets extremely happy whenever a bag of tortilla chips is around and his soul rejoices when he plays guitar.

Check out his film website: alwaysgoodmovies.com

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