ben monder group at 55 bar, nyc, apr 4

  • photography by Clara Pereira / text by Filipe Freitas

On Tuesday, April 4, a panoply of extraordinary vibes filled the small and packed 55 Bar during the two hours that Ben Monder Group was exploring alternative sonic universes.

The renowned guitarist, besides teaming up with vocalist Theo Bleckmann, a habitual collaborator, also tested the sturdy rhythmic foundations of bassist Mark Dresser and drummer Tom Rainey, two frequent and strong presences in the New York ‘scene’.

Together they wove impressionistic sonic layers that range from delicate and ethereal to ominous and guttural, occasionally adorning them with folk elements that seemed rooted in Celtic music.

The intricate textures thrown out of Monder’s guitar found copious consistency in the voice-processed modulations of Bleckmann, also a tenacious manipulator of sounds and effects.

After they had done their own ‘thing’ and probed new territories, the quartet finished categorically with a killer rendition of “I Fall in Love Too Easily”, masterfully harmonized by the bandleader.
Forward-thinkers usually create progressive music. That was the case!