Charles Lloyd at the met - nyc, April 18

  • photography by Clara Pereira / text by Filipe Freitas

This glorious concert at the MET’s Temple of Dendur served to promote Charles Lloyd’s laudable new album, “Wild Man Dance”, in New York.

Elevated by the fantastic members of his new band – the gifted pianist, Jason Moran (replacing Gerald Clayton), and the never-boring drummer Eric Harland were retrieved from past collaborations while the emergent Joe Sanders on bass, the fabulous Sokratis Sinopoulos on Greek lyra, and the captivating Miklós Lukács on cymbalom were the new acquisitions – Mr. Lloyd embarked on his seductive spiritual trips, which always find a way to reach my deepest emotions. 

Putting all his soul into it and applying high dosages of sophistication, Lloyd keeps on creating an inspired fusion of post-bop and world music, which I would keep listening forever.
Nothing less than magical!