dave liebman quintet at the jazz gallery - nyc, nov 21

  • photography and text by Filipe Freitas

The distinguished saxophonist and leader, Dave Liebman warmed the night at The Jazz Gallery, playing beautifully his soprano on the diversified tunes from ‘The Puzzle’, a great album that was recently recorded with his efficient quintet Expansions: Matt Vashlishan on saxophone and clarinet, Bobby Avey on piano, the veteran and old associate Tony Marino on bass, and Alex Ritz on drums.
The fact of mixing youth and experience seems to thrill even more Mr. Liebman who uses his dashing inside/outside concept when soloing to create tension and an engulfing spiritual aura.

Embarking on puzzling structures, spicy harmonies, and multiple melodic lines, the group grasped the tunes, mostly played at a fast tempo, with avidness and responsiveness.
I loved it!

Note: Photography in this gallery © Filipe Freitas