david binney at 55 Bar - nyc, Jun 23

  • photography by Clara Pereira / text by Filipe Freitas

David Binney’s compositional style is quite identifiable through conspicuous structured tunes suffused with modal harmonic changes and emotionally intense ambiences that often fall within a wide range of possibilities - from quietly dreamy to dynamically breathtaking.

Following the same principle that made him a respected composer and improviser, Mr. Binney tried lots of new tunes, which were crafted with esteem and dedication by his quartet. 
He has found solid ground for his flexible explorations in Jacob Sacks’ responsive keyboard, Eivind Opsvik’s shimmering bass lines, and in the involving rhythms of his longtime partner Dan Weiss
These same musicians already had gathered under Binney’s direction in his commendable record ‘Aliso’, released six years ago.

The 55 Bar was packed with enthusiasts who, as myself, seemed delighted with the sonic plasticity originated by the quartet’s resourceful creativity.