guillermo klein quintet at cornelia st. cafe - nyc, dec 12

  • photography by Clara Pereira / text by Filipe Freitas

Guillermo Klein, an Argentinean pianist, arranger and composer based in New York, brought wonderful musicians to perform his aesthetically sleek compositions.

The quintet enchanted the audience with ear-pleasing and well-improvised instrumentals, roaming over different landscapes with imagination and discernment.
Jochen Rueckert was flawless on the drums, always tagging along with the impeccable Greek bassist, Petros Kamplanis, whose impressive sound was quite noticeable. The tireless Seamus Blake, on the tenor saxophone, pulled a variety of inspired solos, further substantiated by Ben Monder, on the guitar, who was more discreet than the habitual at the individual level but still very influential overall.

The fluttering music filled the room with grace and preponderance.