john scofield quartet at blue note - nyc, oct 14

  • photography by Clara Pereira / text by Filipe Freitas

What an unforgettable experience was to see and listen to these four gentlemen: John Scofield on guitar, Joe Lovano on tenor saxophone, Ben Street on double bass, and Bill Stewart on drums. 

This concert remains vividly in my head for its deep sonority, distinguished improvisations, and the constant ability of the musicians to embark on a give-and-take approach, inviting the audience to embrace their fun and joy of playing.

The experienced, tight quartet marveled the present with the post-bop and jazz-funk tunes of Scofield’s new album “Past Present”, but also with some incursions in the past.
‘Chariots’, from the 1990 acclaimed album ‘Meant To Be’, was the last composition to be performed, literally leaving everyone at the Blue Note in an inebriant ecstasy.
A blast!