matt brewer quintet at Cornelia St Cafe - NYC, mar 17

  • photography by Clara Pereira / text by Filipe Freitas

Recurrent presence at this venue, Matt Brewer, is a respected bassist who has been participating in many innovative projects headed by colossal musicians such as Steve Lehman, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Greg Osby, and Antonio Sanchez.

After ‘Mythology’, a convincing album released in 2014, he formed a new quintet that features the talented saxophonist, Ben Wendel, whose spirited phrasings are quite appealing to me; the riveting and always explorative pianist, Aaron Parks; the unperturbed guitarist Lage Lund, owner of an imperious sound and well-resolved ideas; and the incisive drummer Craig Weinrib.

Despite some hesitations and minor fluctuations, the diversified intonations were a reflection of what the innate musicality of these executants is capable of delivering.