Or Bareket - OB1

Label/Year: Fresh Sound New Talent, 2017

Lineup - Shachar Elnatan: guitar; Gadi Lehavi: piano; Or Bareket: bass; Ziv Ravitz: drums.


Comfortably straddling traditional and modern settings, young bassist Or Bareket brings his roots and all the multicultural influences that surround him into his debut album OB1, affectingly dedicated to his late father.
Based in New York for quite some time, Bereket, who was born in Jerusalem and raised in Buenos Aires, establishes a fundamental, trusting connection with the members of his quartet: guitarist Shachar Elnatan, pianist Gadi Lehavi, and Shai Maestro Trio’s drummer Ziv Ravitz.

Drawing inspiration from different musical sources and marked by a 6/8 time signature, “Patience” bursts out of the gate in a kaleidoscopic cornucopia with a predetermined bass-piano unison statement and an unclouded, Jimi Hendrix-like guitar ostinato that brings a strong fusion charisma to the head. At some point, Elnatan and Lehavi exchange ideas with open ears, trapped in the enthusiastic percussive web acutely weaved by Bereket and Ravitz. The finale bolsters the innocuous encounter between funk-rock and Israeli folklore.

A bass pedal procures crystalline harmonics on “Snooze”s introductory section. Here, the easy melodies are set against a more complex harmonic sequence, yet everything is enveloped by a gentle groove. 

Opposing to the consciously contemplative “Shosh” and “Misdronoth”, we have “Joaquin”, an outgoing, dance-fueled spectacle vividly designed with eclectic ideas, and the well-ventilated waltz “La Music y la Palabra” that takes off the ground with the further assistance of Brazilian accordionist Vitor Gonçalves, one of the two special guests on the album (the other one is the influential Japanese percussionist Keith Ogawa).

The piece “Elefantes” is split into two parts. While part one is prone to modulation and maintains a classical feel throughout, even when Bereket starts his poetic declamation, the part two finds its cruising speed with a stronger jazzistic touch and a steady rhythm but embodying the same lyrical spirit.

The album ends beautifully with “Shir Lelo Shem”, an expressionistic 3-minute solo recitation by Bareket, rounded with gleeful melodic intention. 

While OB1 embraces a variety of styles and moods, it all works as an integrated whole that feels rich and breathable. This is an auspicious debut by a prodigious bassist who, additionally, reveals a persuasive sense of composition.

        Grade  B+

        Grade B+

Favorite Tracks:
01 - Patience ► 07 - Joaquin ► 09 - Shir Lelo Shem