Andre Santos Trio - Vitamina D

André Santos: guitar; Matt Adomeit: bass; Tristan Renfrow: drums.

Portuguese guitarist, André Santos, uncompromisingly defies boundaries in his latest CD, “Vitamina D”, recorded in Amsterdam with a trio composed of Matt Adomeit on bass and Tristan Renfrow on drums, both American.
The album has an electrifying opening with “Rainstorm”, a tune that initially suggests patchy drizzle through the soft textures created, but gradually takes the proportions of a menacing deluge that comes accompanied by gusts of distortion and harmonic amazement.
The title-track, on the contrary, brings us balmy sunrays and the fresh air of the morning, aiming to our senses with a tactful melody surrounded by floating tones. Following a gradual crescendo, it goes into an effusive vamp that resounds with vigorous chords and Renfrow’s ebullient drumming.
Santos implies bluesy undertones in “Super Mario”, but goes beyond that. The trio spends some time working the dynamics toward a finale that sets free the adventurous drummer who excels over a guitar-bass ostinato.
Buzzlightyear” is a short yet rhythmically rich passage that makes the bridge to “Francamente”, an imaginative pop-rock song that skews into a charming waltz during a brief moment, only to return to robust zones and fill our ears with its ear-catching guitar riff.
BrokeBad” is pure indie rock and benefits from the multiple rhythmic disruptions. I imagine it playing in some dirty Western movie directed by Tarantino. The suave “Espanta Espíritos” closes the album, breathing both warm and melancholic breezes.
You’ll still need the sun to get the vitamin D, however, Santos, who reveals an astounding compositional maturity and a laudable spirit of adventure, assures moments of fun, insight, and energy. 

Favorite Tracks:
01 – Rainstorm ► 02 – Vitamina D ► 05 – Francamente