Chris Cheek - Saturday Songs

Chris Cheek: tenor saxophone; Steve Cardenas: guitar; David Soler: pedal steel; Jaume Llombard: bass; Jorge Rossy: drums, vibes, marimba.

The full-blooded American saxophonist, Chris Cheek, always had an inclination for choosing guitarists instead of pianists to participate in the recordings under his own name. Two examples are Kurt Rosenwinkle and Ben Monder who helped to make of “I Wish I Knew”, “Vine”, and “A Girl Called Joe” memorable works.
For his new album, “Saturday Songs”, the fulfilling sounds of Steve Cardenas wasn’t enough, so he added the second guitar, a pedal steel operated by the Spanish David Soler. The band is completed with the electric bassist Jaume Llombard, and the experienced and longtime collaborator Jorge Rossy on drums. The combination works well and the resultant urban jazz is both snug and sprightly. The inspirations come from several sources: “String Finger” and “Saturday Song” are marked by a playful, Frisell-like ambiance; “Ginger Something”, “Alhambros”, and “Strawberry Jam” gained an energetic rock pulse with strong riffs; “Windmill Hill”’s approach triggers a sound that gets closer to the mood created in “I Wish I Knew”; “Eye Factory” mirrors a ravishing exoticism while Jobim’s “Forever Green” comes wrapped in an uninterrupted tranquility.
To be absorbed by the fans of both traditional and modern jazz.

Favorite Tracks:
01 – String Finger ► 07 – Saturday Song ► 09 – Forever Green