Quinsin Nachoff - Flux

Quinsin Nachoff: tenor saxophone; David Binney: alto saxophone; Matt Mitchell: piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, keys; Kenny Wollensen: drums, percussion.

Toronto-born tenor saxophonist Quinsin Nachoff assembles a bass-less quartet of unquestionable quality to put together six brilliantly structured compositions that are translated into a burbly new jazz. “Flux” marks his debut on Mythology Records, the label owned by the alto saxophonist David Binney, who forms here a respected frontline together with bandleader. 
The take-off was made with “Tightrope”, a forward-thinking piece that bounces with beautiful counterpoints and crisp unisons. Mitchell’s harmonies put together dark and crystalline tones that pulse confidently in conjunction with Wollesen’s prosperous drumming. Nachoff’s improvisation is provocative enough to stir surprise while Binney’s well-cooked approach fights fire with the fire. After Mitchell’s outstanding solo the tune advances for a swaggering collective trip. 
Complementary Opposites”, fueled by Binney’s rapid runs on a first occasion, makes an unexpected incursion into reggae during the final part of Nachoff’s improv.
Mind’s Ear”, split into two parts, is particularly interesting in the last one, where the freewheeling piano cadences drawn by Mitchell are accompanied by the tribal drumbeats of Wollesen. Nachoff shows the potency of his blows with a volcanic improvisation. 
Astral Echo Poem”, influenced by the Brazilian Hermeto Pacoal, was executed with gorgeous intonations and flows with certainty.
The album finishes with “Tilted”, a composition that returns to the same impetuosity of “Tightrope” and boasts another breathtaking escapade by Binney. The control is only reestablished with Mitchell’s clear-minded interventions.
Marked by an impenetrable unity, “Flux” overflows with great resourcefulness, becoming a distinct echo of modernity and inspiration.

Favorite Tracks:
01 – Tightrope ► 04 – Mind’s Ear I ► 06 – Tilted