Myriad3 - Moons

Chris Donnelly: piano, synth; Dan Fortin: upright and fretless bass, synth; Ernesto Cervini: drums, glockenspiel.

Myriad 3 is the name of an urban Canadian trio whose members are Chris Donnelly on piano, Dan Fortin on bass, and Ernesto Cervini on drums. 
While I was listening to “Moons”, their third album on Alma Records, it became quite clear that I wouldn’t be able to find a bandleader. 
In the place of individual show-offs, the band guarantees both collective tightness and spontaneity along the eleven tunes that comprise this kindred album.
An involving rhythm is set up for “Skeleton Key”, a pop/rock song that impulsively confronts dreamy intimacies and energetic assemblages. 
Half-lyrical, half-obscure, “Noyammas” conquered me right away with the piercing low notes on the piano falling on top of the sprawling cadences formed by thumping bass sounds and rockish drumming. 
If “Unnamed Cells” starts as a shattered R&B, evolving into a danceable rock rhythm that could be a modern dance floor hit, “The Stoner” sweeps the air with a stoned relaxation, gaining some tension as it moves forward, just to release it again near the end. 
Counter of the Cumulus”, a musical creation by the electronic artist Disasterpiece, flourishes with jazz, rock, and classical elements, anticipating “Ameliasburg”, a relentless waltz that really asks for the next piece, “Sketch Eight”, a 6/8 march of grandiose instrumentation.
The blissful “Moons” is adorned with a suitable synth effect and feels unhurriedly good, opening space to the rhythmically bold “Brother Dom”.
Myriad3's musical unity and compositional quality result in an immensity of sounds that please our ears with honest music. Intuitively explored, “Moons” is a great album that deserves more visibility.

Favorite Tracks:
02 – Noyammas ► 06 – Counter of the Cumulus ► 08 – Sketch Eight