Phantom Trio - #00

Fabio Almeida: saxophones and electronics; Sergio Tavares: double bass; João Martins: drums.

“#00” is the energetic debut record from the Portuguese Phantom Trio whose music relies heavily on a powerful rhythm section, regardless if the tune is a rapid-fire excursion or a floating ballad.
The pulsations and webs drawn by Tavares and Martins are diversified enough to avoid monotony, guaranteeing a vital space for the freedom of expression of the saxophonist, Fabio Almeida, who fearlessly explores the ground with intelligence and force. 
The latter also shows an artistic aptitude in managing of the electronic effects.
As some of the track titles suggest, spontaneity can be felt throughout this experimental voyage, where we can identify joyous rhythm syncopations, pressurized atmospheres, twisting-yet-melodic contemplations, and even some influence from other cultures, specifically in “Lacrau”.
I found the Phantom Trio surprisingly calibrated and extremely confident, and
“#00” is an album with personality and ready to be savored by the modern free enthusiasts.

Favorite Tracks:
01 – Espontaneo #1 ► 06 – Zimbro ► 08 – Lacrau