Dave King Trucking Company - Surrounded by the Night

Chris Speed: tenor saxophone and clarinet; Brandon Wozniak: tenor saxophone; Erik Fratzke: guitar; Chris Morrissey: acoustic bass; Dave King: drums.

Dave King, a skilled drummer with multiple projects, earned his fame due to a wonderful trio called The Bad Plus, in which he teams up with the pianist Ethan Iverson and the bassist Reid Anderson. 
In this project, Trucking Company, he composes with the idea of mixing jazz, rock, and American folk music in the same bag.
Their third album opens with “Delta Kreme”, a 3-minute pop tune delicately dressed in jazzy outfits. King’s brushwork gets a perfect cadence alongside the bass grooves laid down by Morrissey, who seamlessly replaced Adam Linz. 
Parallel Sister Track” and “Glamour Shot” share a few similarities by distributing agreeable saxophone melodies on top of indie rock textures, but it’s with “You Should Be Watching (Art) Films” that we have the first punch. Rhythmically elaborated, this song benefits from the resolute guitar conversations of Erik Fratzke, King’s longtime associate, who uses the perfect amount of distortion. 
Blue Candy” is a bit whimsical compared to the other tracks but claims its own space, while “That Isn't Even Worth Selling”, whose melody is played in unison before Morrissey’s gritty bass solo, antagonize with its own title by showing a maturity that makes it ready to be consumed. King and his Company finalize with “Don't Be Suspect of a Gift”, a strenuous triumph suitable for surfers looking for big waves during these hot summer days. The saxophonists, Speed and Wozniak, are on the loose here.

Favorite Tracks:
03 – You Should Be Watching (Art) Films ► 06 – That Isn't Even Worth Selling ► 07 – Don't Be Suspect of a Gift